Why should I get involved?

Africa Enterprise Trust is helping rescue children out of poverty by providing the basic necessities of life and enabling the children to go to school. All the children we help are orphans who have lost either one or both parents. They have no means of getting a good education.

Sponsorship helps to meet the basic needs of these children. Each month, the money you give is used to provide home necessities such as food and clothes. It helps the child you sponsor to attend and complete primary and secondary school education.

Sponsorship works as a partnership between you and the child you sponsor. They are working hard to get an education and the ability to be self supporting in life. Without your help this would not be possible. In Zambia, Africa Enterprise Trust’s local partners are working with families in the community as well as caring for orphans and vulnerable children in our own family sized children’s homes.

Sponsorship gives them hope for a future. The first thing every child receives from your sponsorship is the excitement of knowing someone cares enough to help them. Often they go from despair to hope! Your sponsorship brings hope.