Who are you?

AETUK works closely with partner NGOs to deliver real change in the lives of Africans. At the moment, we are working very closely with AET (Zambia). More about the trustees is below.


Tim Blake Tim Blake is Chair of the UK Trust. He is a Church Minister and part-time hospital chaplain. Tim is married to Sue and has three children. Tim has particularly enjoyed his role in helping set up the Computer Training Suite in Zambia, training Mark Mukanda and seeing that facility strengthen.

Janet Bartrop Janet Bartrop is a Special Education Needs teacher and for a number of years managed a Local Education Authority provision for Peterborough. As well as teaching Janet worked alongside her husband in ministry for many years. She lived in Zambia full-time for 4 years, and currently splits her time between the UK and Zambia, where she has a particular interest in developing the Kid’s Aid programme, as well as playing a key role in the development of Hope College.

David Brown David Brown has been a trustee of AETUK since it was formed. He is based in London and married to Sonia with three grown up children. A chartered management accountant by training, and with experience of working with one of the world’s largest banks, he is particularly interested in helping develop AET’s microcredit loan schemes.

AET (Zambia)

Hudson Luwi Hudson Luwi is Chair of AET Zambia. He leads a network of churches in Zambia known as Fountain of Life, and is the Dean of Hope College (a church leadership training college). He is married to Brenda, and as well as looking after their own children, they care for a number of other relatives.

Annette Musamba Annette Musamba has been a trustee of AETZ since its formation. She is a civil servant working for the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Martha Lumemba Martha Lumemba is a trustee of AETZ. She is a civil servant working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Andy Cumming Andy Cumming is a trustee of AETZ and co-founder of AET with the late Richard Bartrop. Andrew’s background is in business in the UK. He is keen to work with young people to help them grow sustainable enterprises.