Kids Aid (Zambia)

Every parent knows, one of life’s most exciting things is seeing our children grow up strong and healthy. We take it as read that good health and good education are important for a child to become an adult and make their way in the world.

How must a parent feel when, through poverty, their child can never get to school, or pay the small fees required? This is the challenge for most Zambian children.

Robert Mwale

Robert Mwale

AET’s Kids Aid scheme enables people to sponsor one of these children to put them through school. The equivalent of just 70 pence a day makes a huge difference to a Zambian child. Quite simply, it is the difference between getting an education or not. The difference between employment and prospects, or poverty and hopelessness. The sponsorship provides whatever will make a practical difference in the life of the child as assessed by our social worker and other AETZ staff. Principally this is school fees (all secondary schools charge, as do some primaries). But it may also be to provide necessary transport to school, if a suitable school is several kilometres away. It may be uniforms and books, and money for extra food for the child, if the family is unable to support their child in this way.

Sponsors make a difference by sponsoring a child for less than 70p a day. That’s a cup of coffee. Read on to find how existing sponsors are making a difference in Robert’s life.

Robert Mwale is one of six children being cared for by his older sister, following their mother’s death three years ago, living in a small family home in one of Lusaka’s poorer townships. The older sister works hard to provide food and clothes for all the family.

Robert is known as a hard worker at school, and achieves good grades in most subjects, although his written English grades are not so good. Thanks to one of our regular donors we were able to take Robert onto the Kids Aid scheme to enable him to continue at school and make the most of his potential.

Two years ago he passed the exams to attend secondary school, and he now continues to excel, with a recent report showing scores of Principles of Accounts (100%), Chemistry (99%), Biology (88%) and Maths (86%) He is now eighteen, and keen to continue in education. His teachers predict ‘an academic future’ for him.

Also see our most recent newsletter in PDF format and this video for how Martin Phiri was helped by our Kids Aid scheme.

AET staff visit the children in their homes to assess their suitability to join the Kids Aid scheme. They monitor their progress, health and wellbeing, and report back to both AET trustees and sponsors on each of the children.

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