Lamson and Maggie with the Chimwemwe children

Lamson and Maggie with the Chimwemwe children.


AET opened its first Chimwemwe home to help some of the many Lusakan orphans. Chimwemwe, which means “happy” in the local Bemba language, is not just a roof over the head. It’s a real home, run by a local couple called Lamson and Maggie. Lamson and Maggie have legally adopted the children, and the relationship is one that is built to last, providing much-needed long-term security and support for the children. In other words – this is something we’re in for the long-term.

Looking after growing children in a home is not cheap, but you can get involved for around £1.50 per day. This contributes towards the upkeep of Chimwemwe home, for food and medical costs, for school uniform and clothes and books. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a home to the homeless, and a hope for the hopeless.

Read Eva’s story below, and find out why your contribution of a pound a day could make such a difference to someone like her.

Eva Nalwenga is now 14, but was only 10 when she came to the Chimwemwe home. Both her parents had died, and her grandparents were unable to care for her – her grandfather is blind and her grandmother ploughs the fields to sustain other family members. Had we not taken her in, she would likely have finished up on the streets begging.

With the support she gets from Lamson and Maggie in a loving home, she is now able to make progress in her studies, regularly achieving positions 1-3 in a class of 47. She works hard and is looking forward to going to high school soon.

Following the success of our first Chimwemwe home, which was commended by a number of goverment agencies and officials, in 2007 we opened a second Chimwemwe home, where we are caring for another 9 children.

Click here to watch a short video where Manasseh Phiri tells how she has been helped by living in a Chimwemwe home

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