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Zambian street kid

A Zambian street kid.

You’ll hear a lot of people talking about Africa at the moment. The problems are well-known:

The list goes on. Western aid has poured in to some of Africa’s poorest countries for many years. It’s helped to stave off some of the most immediate disasters, it’s true. But it has visibly failed to deliver lasting change.

We in Africa Enterprise Trust believe that we can expect lasting change in our lifetime. Change where Africa becomes a self-sufficient continent. Change where African people have a shot at making a life for themselves and their families.

We know it’s an ambitious aim. But the size of the challenge needn’t deter us from climbing the mountain. By working together on small scale, sustainable projects that empower the local community and do not leave them dependent on donors, we can do it.

It’s quite hard for us to imagine that a “fortunate” child might have (only) one parent, or a distant relative, to look after them. But many Zambian children are orphans, having lost parents to poverty or AIDS. With no one to look out for them, these children are then forced to live on the streets to survive – a whole class of “street kids”.